Falafel, Israeli couscous, salad, and -oops- feta cheese


Is there such a thing as an almost vegan bento?

I recently watched a documentary that discussed a plant-based diet from a health point of view, and I was surprised to learn how just how easily dairy products are linked to chronic diseases. This is something to think about, as I love cheese in particular, and I willingly gave up meat products in part due to health concerns without looking back for a second. I’ve been trying to focus on delicious vegan foods (of which I know there’s an abundance), but I failed today. It’s a double fail because for those of you who remember, the hubs doesn’t eat dairy or eggs (he hates them, no allergies). So if I make him a meatless bento, it’s naturally vegan. I made an almost identical bento for him, but just.couldn’t.not.reach for the feta cheese when finishing off my lunch for tomorrow.

Rant over. Onto the bento. I have a layer of Israeli/pearl couscous cooked in mushroom stock, some falafel (from a mix, so easy to do), a tier of yellow pepper and cucumber with raspberry vinaigrette, a hot pickled pepper… and cheese. Lots of cheese (by comparison). Oops. Snack – another quinoa bar/muffin, and an apple. Almost vegan.


5 thoughts on “Falafel, Israeli couscous, salad, and -oops- feta cheese

  1. I couldn’t give up cheese, it’s too good. I just limit my cheese munchies 🙂 Just think of the calcium…and the gorgeous cheese 🙂 The falafels look lovely! Is Israeli couscous easy to cook?

  2. Looks yummy! My father is from Libya so we used to eat couscous all the time and falafel too but not together lol. I have never tried the Israeli or pearl kind of couscous. Maybe I will one day.

    Thanks for sharing,

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