Foodie penpal reveal!


Check out this duct tape! It’s amaaaazing! This is what greeted me as I opened my parcel from the lovely Jen in Calgary – just a short trip over the Rockies from me. I sent goodies to Izabela this month – her first participating in the program, so I hope I made a good first impression and that she continues with the foodie fun. Inside the parcel:


Jen chose for me: apricot paste (this has got to go nicely in sandwiches, or as a layer in baking squares, even as a cupcake ingredient!), granola and trail mix – yay snacks!, and wasabi peas, which are something I like when I see them to snack on, but never think to pick up at the store, so they’re a lovely treat to have around. You will also notice home-made Oreo truffles – incredibly delicious, and the first item I tried. Here’s a closeup of the sprinkled, iced creations after one made the customary jump into my mouth:


I very much appreciate the care and attention Jen gave me while picking up the components to my parcel this month. I have never seen Apricot paste before, and I’m excited to do a little googling and see how I can use it – new food and new ideas, what is not to love?

If you’re feeling brave enough to participate in sharing treats with another foodie across your country (US and Canada, with providing the foodie love in the UK), Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean runs a fantastic program. Food is what we have traditionally used to bring families and friends together. I have met some wonderful people through my participation and sharing.


9 thoughts on “Foodie penpal reveal!

  1. I have a feeling that I would LOVE apricot paste. I wonder if I can find it over here… Hope you enjoy all of your yummy treats. FPP is awesome! šŸ™‚

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