Cupcake Friday!


I have a couple of leads on a new lens for my camera, but I can’t find my son’s point and shoot camera (someone’s room is very clean right now, so unless it’s hiding in a drawer in his room, I don’t know when I’m going to see it again). However, thanks to the diligence in documenting cupcake cult offerings over the years, I can still bring you all some cupcakey goodness.

For my birthday one year, I made Pinkalicious cupcakes to share with staff. It may seem a bit crazy to make your own birthday cake, but I was inspired by the beautiful cupcake liners that the amazing Kiwi T bought me, and the lustre dust I found in a baking store online. I’m pretty sure these were vanilla cupcakes, coloured pink, with light pink swirls and dark pink swirls to finish them. Total pinkness overload, and it was a very nice birthday.


9 thoughts on “Cupcake Friday!

    • Thank you 🙂 I made the most beautiful cupcakes this week for a baby shower, but couldn’t photograph them. Let’s hope 7-14 business days goes quickly – I ordered my new lens last night!

    • Thank you – taste is ultimately what counts, but what separates a cupcake from a slice of cake is how they look 🙂 There’s something so esthetic about them, and 4 years of culting in (yes, I turned cult into a verb), I still have decorating ideas I want to try!

  1. I have these cupcake wrappers! They look so pretty when there’s a lot of them together. Even though you made them a while ago they look perfect for Spring this year : )

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