Omurice and edamame


So I realized that I do in fact have access to a camera while I wait 7-14 days for my new lens to arrive. Hubby has an iPhone, and while the camera’s not great, it’ll certainly do the trick to keep me blogging while I wait for a swanky new lens to come.

I worked (i.e. cooked some food and photographed it – very tricky stuff :P) on a Meatless Monday bento for next week’s guest blog on Bento Amour, but I used the technique I want to discuss there in today’s bento: omurice. Apparently this is a very child-friendly Japanese dish, so it just makes sense to feature it on a bento blog about adult lunches, right? I made some fried rice, but instead of stirring some soy sauce in, I stirred in some ketchup. I then made a 1-egg flat omelette, and placed it in a bowl to wrap around the rice:


Were I to recreate this lunch (and I may again, it certainly looks and smells tasty), I would use 2 eggs and a bigger pan, so that the whole rice mixture is covered by overlapping the rice. That being said, it fits nicely into my bento. I have steamed edamame, orange segments, and an individually-wrapped prune as sides. Thai ginger-lemongrass salt is in the chickie, which is not very full at all, but I want to keep the salt dry until lunch tomorrow, so this was the best option. Snack is a larabar for the morning, and some trail mix for the afternoon: there’s no way I’m doing 40 minutes of spin then another 40 of yoga with hypoglycemia sans snack!


4 thoughts on “Omurice and edamame

  1. Hi how are you its been quite sometime since I blogged or checked other blogs. Wow your bentos are getting really amazing and your blog more amazing. Can I ask permission to use two or three of your bento pics, as part of a collage on the article I’m writing on bento? Thanks

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