Gardein, pearl couscous, roasted squash


I know I said my next bento would contain sautéed spinach, but I just can’t do it. I need a break (will still be throwing it into a smoothie for breakfast tomorrow though, because I can’t really tell it’s there in that regard).

Being that I was playing super mommy and going to a PAC meeting at my son’s school this evening, I had very little kitchen time, so I whipped out some Gardein. This time it’s beefless tips, and they’re so close to being meaty but so not at the same time. It’s a little strange, but they’re quick to make (and still pretty tasty)! I also cooked some pearl couscous in vegetable broth according to package directions. For real cooking, rather than assembling, I roasted some pieces of Kabocha squash and cherry tomatoes on their vine (don’t they look cute?). I added a touch of maple syrup to the squash and some chia seeds for a bit of visual interest. Some pickled beets and a hot pepper complete the bento.

Snack – Clif bar.


4 thoughts on “Gardein, pearl couscous, roasted squash

    • Isn’t it? I love it! As the only person in the house who eats it, I’m also happy to report that once cut, it lasts about a week in the fridge wrapped up in clingfilm, so it’s congenial too! 🙂

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