Guest post: Detox Bento No. 3 from Laurel at Bento Amour

bento 62- edit

Here’s the third installment from Laurel of ‘s detox Spring Bento series. Enjoy!

Hey all, Laurel from Bento Amour again. This week caught me off guard so instead of showing you what I did with my gardening things this post, I will tell you what I did and will make sure I get lots of pictures for next week.
In this bento: quinoa burger mix, baby carrots, and sliced green apples.
I took a leaf out of Lizzie’s book and tried my hand at the quinoa burger recipe she posted with her first guest post. Can I just say again how awesome they are! I was not very careful when flipping my mini burgers so they broke apart but the mix is just as good eaten with a fork as it is when made in patties. This bento was vegan and super nice after the day I had prior, which had included over doing it on the meat and unhealthy carbs so many of us fall into temptation with.
Okay, to tell you all what I am doing with my garden adventures this year.

seeds 005

Parsley will be started first, then the bell peppers, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, and oregano. Parsley should be started at seed 8-10 weeks prior the last frost. With Midwest winters and springs being secretive on when that’s actually going to happen this year, I’ll be starting everything indoors and transplanting.
I found all of these seeds at my grocery store for about 10 bucks. Not a horrible price and I’m only going to start less than half of them to begin with so I’ll plenty leftover if I mess up and something dies. Ciao until next week!


Tell us veggie bento lovers what you think!

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