Spring Break giveaway

In honour of Spring Break, which is perhaps the most valuable break in the school year (Christmas is taken up with celebrations, but Spring break is just rest…), I am hosting a giveaway of some bento goodies. They will either add to an established stash or help someone just starting out feel a little more comfortable with packing cute lunches. I was able to pick these up on my way back home from a conference I just attended. I purchased these with my funds; no products were sent to me.


First up is a green bento bag – you can’t really tell from the front, but it has handles to carry. Cute!


Next is a 1-tier bento box, 700mL in capacity. It should hold a classic sandwich and veggies bento, as well as more traditional styles. You will be able to fit a good lunch into this bento – some boxes are tiny!


I also found this adorable set of chopsticks in a carry case that has holographic sparkly stars on it! I tried to get a shot of some of the sparkles. If these don’t make you want to take a break in your day, I’m not sure what will!


Finally, I found some small containers with lids, and have one of them to give away too. It’s new right out of the package, but I had to open the package as I wanted to keep the others for me!

This giveaway is open worldwide. As long as Canada Post can accept your mailing address, feel free to enter the giveaway. To enter, I’m not looking for feedback per se this time but I am going to ask you to comment on this post in order to enter – if you are a reader, not a writer, please leave me an email address so I can contact you if you win. Let’s celebrate the art of cute and healthy lunches – tell us what you love about bento! I will choose a winner with gaming dice one week from now, March 27th.

    March 27th, 2013


15 comments, so that means a d10 and a d6. Whatever is rolled, 1 must be subtracted, otherwise poor No. 1 commenter doesn’t have a chance to win (because the lowest number that can be rolled with 2 dice is 2). I rolled 14, subtract 1 is 13, so the lovely kosoado.wordpress.com wins 🙂

16 thoughts on “Spring Break giveaway

  1. I love your blog and the awesome food you post! Keep up the beautiful and vibrant bento, it’s the inspiration I need to keep bringing my lunches ~_^

  2. Bento, for me, is more than just a cute lunch. Yes, that definitely makes it more fun to eat but some of my favorite bentos have not looked so great but tasted amazing. Without bento, I’d still be freaked out on what to take for my lunches and might not have gotten so far in my weight loss progress! ❤

  3. I am new to the blogging world and while doing some searches I stumbled upon your blog. I love your blog! I never knew anything about bento but was very intrigued because of your photos of your mouth watering meals. I continue to read your blog as I want to learn how to prepare lunches like this.

  4. Worldwide you say? 😀

    Any one of those things would come to great use with me -I am right at the beginning of both my vegetarian and my bento career and it’s not very easy to find nice bento-related things in a small town in Germany. How small you say? I can’t even get most of the basic Japanese ingredients at the Asian Food Store!

    I hope filling my email adress into the information box below will do the trick!

  5. Bento is just awesome and so much healthier than the cafeteria food. x_X
    Also I can get my boyfriend to prepare one for me 😀

    since green is awesome I have to join the raffle. 🙂

  6. Enjoy your break. Ours here in Ontario was last week. Lately my lunches are leftovers from my dinners the night before packed in Gladware. Definitely not as pretty as your Bentos!

  7. A giveaway again, fun, count me in! The things I love about bento are that it forces me to be creative, it makes me enjoy my lunch more (there’s more love in my bento then there used to be in my sandwiches) and it really makes use of leftovers. As a person who cares for the environment, I find that a plus too. Also I love reading about it, getting ideas from other people and adding dishes to my repertoire.

  8. My love for bento started this year when my daughter start Kinder and we need to provide all sort of healthy lunch! I’ll start a blog one day I think, at the moment all pics are in Instagram (loetjoene)
    Hope to win 🙂 lotsof love from down under, Melbourne

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