Cupcake Friday!


If you’re reading this in the State of California, you should know these cupcakes are illegal. NSFW cupcakes? It’s the sprinkles – they’re food grade, but not okay in California.

Green velvet – which foodie friends, does NOT work if you’re using high-quality cocoa powder as they turn a kind of camo colour – cupcakes with cream cheese icing and sparkles! I took 12 of these lovelies to a conference. I managed to get them past airport security without all 12 being whisked away for “taste, ahem, safety testing” by the staff there (for the record, icing is considered solid, not a gel), survived 1.5 hours on the plane and 30 minutes on the Skytrain without them being devoured by random cupcake-appreciating strangers, and get the tasty treats to the conference table intact and un-tipped through the whole process, as you can see here (look who found her son’s camera?!).

While at the conference, I passed on these, knowing that I have access to cuppies 24/7, but I did try a nutella cupcake at a cupcake store. I am very proud to say that my cupcakes are better!

Unfortunately, my cupcake carrier went missing. I guess my laptop and cellphone are too crappy to be liberated, as I could plug both in at the recharging station without woe, but the carrier grew legs and ran away. I contacted lost and found at the hotel with no luck. I’m fortunate enough to be able to purchase another one, but I’m a little upset about it going missing, as it’s one tier of a 3-tiered carrier, and of course, there was only one lid which went missing too. Bah. Cupcake on!


8 thoughts on “Cupcake Friday!

  1. Have cupcakes, will travel? Well done getting them all that way…I would be afraid I would eat them all on the way, lol! And og so pretty with the silver dusting!

  2. I made green velvet mini cupcakes for St. Patricks Day! I agree the cocoa doesn’t help in trying to get a nice shade of green. I wasn’t very happy with the slightly green camo hue. But a little mint buttercream on top helps. Your cupcakes are pretty. Love ths sparkles !

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