Guest Post: Detox bento No. 4 and seed growing from Laurel at Bento Amour

Hey all, time for the last installment of my detox spring cleaning series for my guest posts. As promised, I’m going to explain what I did with my seeds and planting for my own herb garden this year. If you want to try your own indoor herb garden, (Lizzie – I cannot get pretty linkies to happen… my apologies) is a good starting point to get ideas. For me,, inspired me. I loved the idea of a frugal, homemade mini green house. Instead of a double plastic container, I used a piece of cardboard I folded and covered with tin foil, to reflect any sunlight back to the top. I think it will be a more efficient greenhouse.

gardening 007

Over about six weeks, I collected the empty toilet paper rolls we had (you could also use a paper towel tube as they show on the website). I cut each of them in half, ending up with 16 halves. Since cilantro is better started in ground and not as a seedling, I had enough to do three each of basil, oregano, curly parsley, mini bell peppers, and tomato seedlings. I placed them in rows of three on the tin foil and sprinkled broken egg shells, in the bottom then filled each half tube with enriched potting soil. I put several seeds for the basil, oregano, and parsley in their containers to get a bigger yield. The mini peppers I used about 4-5 seeds in each of the three, and the tomatoes I used two seeds in each for a total of six. I don’t want to over crowd them.

gardening 08

Once I put in the seeds, I put a few more crumbled egg shells around them, then filled the tubes the rest of the way with soil. I watered each one just a bit, filled in where the soil went down, and then watered again. After all of that, I attached the plastic dome container over the top of them, securing it on the side with the basil with two pieces of black electrical tape (it’s all I had on hand) and on the side with tomatoes just one piece. That way I can remember what each little tube has for seeds.

gardening 010

This went up on a windowsill in the extra bedroom so I can keep the door shut and keep kitties away from my seedlings. I’ll be sure to post progress shots of them when the start sprouting up through the soil. Be sure to check out my blog for future updates. For my last bento for this series, I did a very veggie and fruit filled bento with a side of grains and protein.

stuff 006

In this bento: baby carrots, yellow bell pepper sticks, ¼ sliced & peeled cucumber, strawberries, and one sliced Granny smith apple. My side, as you can see below, was two pita pockets sliced into triangles and three tablespoons of roasted garlic hummus with a liberal sprinkling of paprika.

stuff 009

You might be able to see in the second picture that we still have snow in Iowa. And it’s snowing again today! So much for spring weather! Hopefully after Easter it will all melt and really start to warm up. I want a sunny birthday month!!! I’ve had such a great doing this guest series and have learned a lot about how much I procrastinate things and put it until the last minute. Really need to get that in check. If you enjoyed reading these posts, be sure to follow my blog, Bento Amour, for more updates on healthy bentos, and any seedling growth. Ciao- laurel


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