Cupcake Friday! A rose by any other name edition.


Fun fact if you have a cupcake cult – only ever taste the cupcakes, rarely eat a whole one. I love cakes and all things sweet, but the reality is that when you are around cupcakes as often as I am, you just don’t eat a whole one all that often – particularly if you’re on the successful end of a not-too-shabby weight loss story. Usually just by looking at it, you can tell if the recipe is a keeper or not. The exception until today was gluten-free cupcakes. Because the flour replacement mix I used has pea and chickpea flours in it, the batter itself has an aftertaste until it’s cooked and becomes delicious. It was a struggle to try the batter with this recipe.

So while browsing food porn food and recipe blogs the other day, I saw these and had to say I was intrigued at best, and put-off at worst. There was quite the conversation about them on my Facebook wall, but Lainey, awesome coworker, Facebook bestie, and reader here, challenged us spinach cupcake nay-sayers. So today, Friday, I had grand plans to make the recipe, be wowed with how totally deelish they were, box some up for Lainey to enjoy (she’s on maternity leave with her daughter, so isn’t around to sample the cult offerings at school), and photograph some beautiful cuppies with fresh berries and whipped cream on top, akin to (cue google image searched stock photo):


However, prior to whipping cream, I figured I would give them a taste test – hence the auspicious gap in the baking pan here. I grabbed a fork, dug into the centre, and while the batter is perfectly moist and expertly baked (natch), you can definitely taste the spinach. I was hoping it wouldn’t be discernible, after all, I put spinach in smoothies regularly, and quite enjoy it raw or cooked as well as incorporated into entrees. A cup of real English PG Tips tea later, and I can still taste spinach. Needless to say, I don’t feel comfortable boxing some up and having Lainey try them, but it does make for a wonderful domestic goddess fail story.

Cupcake On!


9 thoughts on “Cupcake Friday! A rose by any other name edition.

    • I’ve made carrot cupcakes, and I’ve made delicious muffins with pumpkin and squash. I think the difference is that orange veggies have a natural sweetness to them, whereas spinach does not.

  1. I made spinach cupcakes with a recipe from GreenLiteBites once. Not much more in it than cake mix, spinach and some kind of liquid. I don’t remember tasting spinach … then again, I’m a sucker for pretty much anything sweet.

  2. Oh my! I always wondered whether you’d actually taste the spinach… I guess I’ll have to try myself, eventually… (sometimes, I just have to try things myself, even if I know that they won’t turn out that great… 😉 )
    Another option to color cupcakes green would be matcha! And if you like green tea, you should actually like it’s taste, too, even when baked!

    • I have made matcha green tea cupcakes, and they were delicious – really subtle colour and flavour to them. Feel free to try this recipe as is… omit the eggs and use either an egg replacer or just some applesauce, as the recipe is pretty moist. I understand the need to give things a try, believe me – how else do you think I got to this point?

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