Roasted portabella mushroom with goat cheese, brown rice, salad, fruit


This mushroom recipe (food assembling, more like) is really easy. Grab a nice-looking portabella mushroom, cut off the stem, and with a teaspoon, scrape out the gills. Bake at 350’F for 15 minutes, add some sliced goat cheese, and bake for 3 more minutes. Done. I quartered it to make it a bit more bento-friendly, but this would make all your Omni friends totally jealy at upcoming summer barbecues to throw this into a bun with some posh lettuce. I have the mushroom on a bed of sprouted grain brown rice. If vegan, some crumbled tofu with some tamari and nutritional yeast would probably work nicely (akin to Monday’s bento: for the recipe).

Sides are a green leaf lettuce and baby tomato salad – dressing in the cup – with a lemon wedge on the side, and for dessert, a clementine and some sliced strawberries. My morning snack is a Taste of Nature bar. No afternoon snack, because I’m attending some leadership/training/stuff in Vancouver and my snack this afternoon will be a latte on the way to the airport. Don’t worry, I have a Cupcake Friday! scheduled!


Foodie penpal reveal!


This month’s foodie penpal reveal comes courtesy of Carmen, just the other side of my lovely province of BC. I sent treats to Tiffany in Ontario. I confided in Carmen that I’ve been really trying hard to reduce cheese and find a plant-based coffee creamer that works in coffee, and Carmen really helped me out. This is a super-sized foodie penpal package filled with good intentions for me, and I really appreciate the care Carmen put into the package.

First to be eaten were the vegetarian gummy bears. I haven’t had those in years. When I went to try the jelly beans a few days later, I found that my son had snuck most of the package, but I got to try a few and both the gummy bears and the beans tasted fruity, sweet, and were very good. The next morning I tried the mimiccreme. It’s not the perfect creamer, but I would try it again if I could find it locally (or just bring some back next time I’m in Vancouver).

I love tasty bars, so I enjoyed the Taste of Nature and Kind bars as snacks in my bentos. I plan on using the Quinoa puffs in a Rice Krispie square kind of dish. I loved the Sea Snax, and they were a wonderful distraction during my study time! I used the coconut chips in a Lara bar recipe to rave reviews from both me and the hubs. I haven’t tried the almonds or the kelp noodles yet.

Thank you to Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean for hosting the program, and thank you to Carmen for an amazing package!

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