Foodie penpal reveal!


Here I am again with more foodie penpals! And I remembered to grab the reveal day button this time:

The Lean Green Bean

I’m so awesome 🙂

This month, foodie penpals was all about British Columbia, with me sending a parcel out to Sarah in BC, and receiving a package from Chloe, also in BC. Us British Columbians know our food, I guess.

I received some Asian cookies – Pocky (you can tell my son is still not over his lung infection as the Pocky is still unclaimed and uneaten – it’s his favourite treat!), Hello Panda, and Koala’s March cookies. Hello Panda and Koala’s March are filled with chocolate crème – yummy! There are also some hard candies there too, which are quite nice for stuffing into corners of bentos. I see almond crackers too, which I haven’t tried. I manage to visit T&T supermarkets a few times a year, so they are a treat! Finally, there are some vermicelli noodles, which I often cook with for dinner, but haven’t yet made it into a bento save for spring rolls, so I should keep these separate with the intention of creating a bento specifically for them. Chloe took the time to make sure my package was vegetarian, and I am grateful.

Thank you to my foodie penpal, as well as to Lindsay for hosting the program! Want to join for next month? It’s easy. Click the button above after you commit to checking in with your match to see about their foodie likes, wishes, and restrictions, to shopping and sending them tasty noms in the mail, and for thanking them when your package arrives. All the better if you can get meet mailing deadlines, but if you do happen to have a week of educational consultants to um consult with prior to leaving for a 4-day conference as did I this month, Canadians… expresspost padded envelopes are your friend!


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