I have eaten my way through all the delicious things I cooked over the weekend, and have no leftovers to use up. Certainly, neither the fridge nor the pantry nor the Costco stash are empty, but for tomorrow’s bento I either cook something up from ingredients, or throw together a pbj. Guess what I chose? The crabapple jelly is at least part of a foodie penpals parcel (almost at the bottom of the jar 😦 ) so it’s foodie-approved. I paired it with some pieces of home-made Larabar (pretty version here!):


which is basically food processor fun with a bunch of cashews, chocolate chips, and dried dates. I didn’t measure. I probably should have because I think there’s far more chocolate chips in there than intended!

Friday is a shorter day of classes to teach, so I only need a smaller meal to get me through. A few cherry tomatoes with the pbj and larabar bites and some tea will power me through the day.


Tell us veggie bento lovers what you think!

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