Broccoli polenta with marinara


The recipe for the polenta is from:, and it’s easy. I love the colour, and thanks to using a vegetable stock cube, is pretty tasty. The marinara sauce is from a jar – I can make from scratch, but a jar is handy. I spent today cooking chickpeas soaked overnight, baking banana bread which my son and his friend devoured, and trying out a new cupcake recipe – y’all can wait for Friday, so I have no qualms about sauce from a jar. I thought I had quite a lot in the pan but when I put them in the bento realized how small they are.

The other tier contains tofu hearts, pan-fried with the polenta (the offcuts were tossed in bbq sauce on top of pizza for dinner – no waste), steamed carrots, and a leftover spicy black bean burger. Just little bits and bobs of things hiding in the fridge that needed eating! Snack is a granola bar.

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