Black bean tacos


Black bean tacos – you can do this… 2 cups/1 can black beans with sautéed onion and a package of taco seasoning, tacos, taco sauce. Assorted veggies n stuff. Trying out Daiya cheese for me to see how it goes. Its texture is different, but still creamy and melty.

Snack for hubs – trail mix. He tends to graze at his desk over a longer period of time in between sales-ey type tasks, so only really needs one snack as it’s part of his overall eats rather than being distinct. Snacks for me are trail mix and a granola bar. Yep, two snacks. Lately my energy has been fading a little in the afternoons, so time to up the eats a bit. I should not be stealing my SEA’s cookies or crackers from her snack drawer, even if she says I can. Moar noms!


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