No, I haven’t forgotten you!


I don’t often talk about my career, but today you’re going to be treated to why there is no bento! I attended a fantastic professional development today, and the focus in my sessions was achieving emotional self-regulation through physical activity – breath, stretching, and crossing the midline (crossing hands or legs from one side of your body to the other – think side-twists and stretches). All of these strategies can be achieved through 2- or 3-minute yoga routines. Following the keynote speaker and lesson (that coincidentally built on the same themes as the keynote) was a 1 hr 15 m yoga flow session, so I got a good balance of left-brain and right-brain learning, which is exactly what I should be providing to my students. Thankfully, I try and infuse humour and stories daily, so I’m hoping I’m already partway there, but it is good to be mindful.

My carpoolers/besties and I were going to do a quick thrift store/Staples/supermarket trip, but it ended up going hours over what I had intended! I’m physically and mentally tired. No idea what’s for lunch tomorrow (which tells me it will be a sandwich and veggies…). On the other hand, I found shoes with the tags still on for $7.00, and had a ton of fun with my friends.

In other news, Canadians – get to Superstore for adorable mini silicone baking cups which are great for bento-ing! $2.00 for a set of three and there’s a variety of shapes from flowers to hearts to teddy bears to mini bundt pans.


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