Indian spicy lentils, brown basmati, tasty sides


I had a bit of a case of lunch envy today. I shouldn’t have. I was eating house-made roasted tomato soup, and a big salad made with organic greens that come from our school greenhouse with assorted tasty treats. To prove how awesome our school lunches are, here’s a linky: However, my fellow bentoist had the energy to make a bento lunch last night, and she whipped out three cute little tiers of deliciousness, and while my lunch was awesome, her bento was more awesome-r. Once you go bento, it’s hard to go back. Why? My school’s lunches and the program where students learn to cook in a teaching kitchen setting are amazing. Lunch envy. Weird.

OK, tomorrow’s bento – some Indian spiced lentils and brown basmati rice sit in one tier with some carrot curls for colour. In the cold tier are some tiny tomatoes, a container of mango chutney for the main, a baby brie, a baby orange, some dried dates (nature’s candy) and some grapes. Fun-to-eat tasty side dishes. Greek yogurt is my snack.


5 thoughts on “Indian spicy lentils, brown basmati, tasty sides

    • The baby bries are life-altering as you can happily adjust the cheese coma levels. I have found them, under the Coeur de Lion brand, at Sobeys and Costco. Presidents Choice did slightly larger mini bries around Christmas last year too but they weren’t as creamy. Costco’s the way to go, as they’re only a bit more money than a giant bag of babybel (also delicious).

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