Spaghetti, vegan sausage, veggies, fruit, cheese, almonds


My new bento box came! Sometimes waiting for things to arrive from eBay or other retailers is just painful. I’m worse than a kid at Christmas. It has an insulated bento bag with handle, which was a handy selling feature for me. I ordered one in red for the hubs too. Colour coding when you have two people who eat different things is important with bento. That being said, his bento’s vegan tomorrow because I was too lazy to bake chicken or make him meatballs and he’s not home tonight to do so for himself.

In the main/undivided tier is spaghetti with marinara sauce and sundried tomato vegan sausage. I like to cut it in sections prior to panfrying in a dry non-stick pan, so it gets crispy. Yummy. In the divided tier, I have some raw carrot and celery pieces, gouda cheese, almonds, and apple slices to snack on while I write report cards tomorrow afternoon (database software permitting, of course).

This being the first time I’ve used the bento, I’m curious. It seems a lot bigger than my other ones, even though each tier is 350mL. Let’s see how ridiculously full/well-fueled for report cards I am tomorrow!


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