Mushroom rice, egg, yogurt, roasted pepper


There’s a site out there that hosts weekly food prep compilations, where you post the deliciousness you made for the week ahead. It’s perfect for food voyeurism. I had planned on submitting a photo of everything I made, but the husband, son, and son’s friend devoured the banana bread, the salad bar just got refilled yesterday, but already it’s been eaten down (ok, I’m guilty of helping with that), the new black bean burger recipe I wanted to try was a flop, and at that point I gave up. I did however, make very delicious coconut Larabars, an offering to the cupcake cult (you’ll see that on Friday) and a pan of spicy roasted mushrooms:

~empty one 16oz package of sliced mushrooms onto a glass baking dish (or slice your own).
~drizzle over some olive oil, and season with salt and black pepper.
~roast at 400’F for about 40 minutes.
~when cool, sprinkle about 1tsp. sriracha hot sauce (recipe called for red pepper flakes and fresh parsley, and I’m out of those right now, plus I ❤ Sriracha) and stir to combine.
~finally, toast in a dry pan 3 tbsp. pine nuts until lightly browned, and add to the mushrooms.

These taste great hot as well as straight from the fridge if you're snackish as well as at room temperature in a bento.

I've mixed some of the mushrooms with brown rice from the freezer, given it a lemon wedge for a pop of citrus and some baby tomatoes for colour. Side dishes are greek yogurt with local honey, a 1-egg tamagoyaki (local chicken) with a sprinkle of cheese and green onions, and a roasted red pepper. There's no green in the bento, but I promise to eat a big green salad with dinner tomorrow.


In other news, look what I managed to do with the compartment to hold chopsticks/cutlery in my new bento bag? It’s a snack holder. Shh – this snack is a sneak peak from my foodie penpal reveal next week. Deelish!


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