Stridebox (minibox) snack delivery


How totally awesome is this? Lately, a bunch of companies have been getting into the business of packaging up items by subscription. I’m a little hesitant about the shoe/fashion/makeup services because I tend not to consume where possible, and I like thrift stores for the economic and environmental benefits, but a girl’s got to eat!

This is the April minibox from They had so many orders all in a rush that I got to wait. I will get a full-sized box in May, and will be able to evaluate the full value of the service then. I purchased this – no freebies (although I wouldn’t complain, I don’t solicit). I got a caffeinated granola bar, which believe me has made all my wildest dreams come true! I also got a caffeinated sports drink sample – again more caffeine is always a happy for me (perhaps too much of a happy!). Finally, I received a pre-workout gel. I tried this before a 5K run, which for me is a big deal because I’m slow and not exactly built for running, first thing in the morning, and it gave me tremendous energy. And who doesn’t love peanut butter? I can’t wait for the May box to come and unveil the snacky goodness in there too. This service is designed for active people, but there are other options out there for people who don’t run 🙂


Tell us veggie bento lovers what you think!

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