Indian lunch buffet bento


I didn’t know about this in time to not make lunch for today, but staff at my school were treated to an Indian buffet made in our teaching kitchen. I was most of the way through my already-packed lunch when a bestie/colleague came to my classroom as she hadn’t seen me in the staffroom on account of needing to supervise some students at lunch. I quickly rinsed out my bento box, and she filled it with a sampling of all the veggie options for me – what a treat. This is her first foray into filling a bento box, and I think she did an amazing job!

In the left, there’s dal, lentil and rice pilaf, steamed basmati rice, and lightly curried vegetables. In the right, there’s a vegetable samosa, turmeric chickpeas and potatoes, and a cucumber salad with cilantro. This bento made a very tasty dinner. The hubs plays golf on Thursday nights, and as he doesn’t like spicy things, dinner was taken care of!


3 thoughts on “Indian lunch buffet bento

    • Yes, you do! I was in an Indian-food induced haze all evening. It’s one of my favourite cuisines. If I’m ever in the market for a new husband, one of the criteria is that he likes Indian food too so I can eat it more often!

  1. Oh, that looks delicious! If I weren’t too lazy to make up that kind of variety for one meal, I think I’d choose an “Indian Buffet” bento at least once a week, every week. : ) (Huh. Maybe some kind of freezer strategy needs to come into play here. I wonder how well the dal, pilaf and chickpea dishes would freeze?)

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