(Not a cup) Cake Friday!


I know this isn’t a cupcake, but it comes with a story of what happens when you start a cupcake cult, which is almost makes up for it.

8pm Tuesday night. The mother has just settled into her comfy chair with pj’s and a cup of peppermint tea. The TV is on. Beloved son enters the living room. Mother pauses her program.

Son: Mom, it’s Miss. _________’s birthday tomorrow.
Mother: Oh that’s cool.
Son: I told all the kids in my class that you would make her birthday cake. Not cupcakes, just cake, you know, for a change.

The mother sighs. She knows where this is going.

Son: And _______ (son’s special education assistant) says it’s okay, so can you please?
Mother: Sure. Chocolate okay?
Son: Yes! Who’s the greatest?
Mother: Me.
Son: You got it!

(and scene)

Vegan chocolate cake with vegan vanilla buttercream icing. And fancy organic vegan sprinkles from Whole Foods in Vancouver. Nothing but the best for my son’s teacher. He’s not always an easy kid to teach. (cup)Cake on!

Tell us veggie bento lovers what you think!

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