Tofu, mushrooms, kale, brown rice


There are a number of tasty treats in here, and I’m excited to eat them tomorrow. I ate them for dinner, and they tasted good then, too! Yay leftovers.

Brown rice, seasoned with a low-salt vegetable stock cube, tofu tossed in cornstarch, stir-fried, then flavoured with tamari and nutritional yeast flakes, crimini mushrooms stir-fried then given a little hoisin sauce love, and kale and cranberry salad with a miso-tofu dressing. Finally, a tomato fills in a gap, and I have some fruit in a cup. It’s kiwi slicing fail. Get a cutter that’s bigger than the seedy section, going into the green, for pretties, otherwise it just falls apart.


4 thoughts on “Tofu, mushrooms, kale, brown rice

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