May Stridebox reveal (spoiler alert?)

Being a snackaholic (thanks hypoglycemia!), I have fallen in love with Stridebox, who provides snacks and other products for runners and those living healthy lifestyles. I’m not a hard-core runner, but I do love a good snack! I purchased this product with my own money. I’m just sharing here because I want to, and will likely use these delicious treats in my bento planning to eat! Here are the goodies all out of the box:


Happy day! I’m really excited to try the peach workout gel, as I had great success before when I tried that. With the jelly snacks, I am very happy to see that they’re vegetarian, so looks like I have a couple of tasty afternoon snacks in my future! I love the idea of bottle cleaner, and can’t wait to see what it can do for the inside of my beloved Sbucks metal go cup. I’ve had it for two years; it’s leak-proof, I haven’t lost it yet, and would rather not replace it, so I’d love to see what happens. I see a couple of bars, and how could you go wrong with those for a healthy snack? Awesome! I’m quite excited about the blister protectors – into the purse with those, for the next time I’m rocking some new heels (yes, I know they’re supposed to be for running!). There’s also a single serving of protein powder. I’m not really a fan of Tone It Up! who make the product, but I’m sure the powder will be good.

Last but not least, the package came with a shoe clip. Not only does it match my new runners (!), it’s incredibly functional… I decided to hang this off a kitchen cabinet to snap a photo but of course, attaching to a backpack or gym bag would work better – no more squished shoes! I don’t normally hang shoes in my kitchen, but what a way to combine two loves?


How totally awesome? – the shipping to Canada is very reasonable!


Tell us veggie bento lovers what you think!

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