Quinoa and black bean salad, goat cheese, pickles


Before I begin, WordPress let me know that today is my 1st blogiversary! How totally fun 🙂 I knew I started blogging my lunches in May last year, but that’s pretty cool that it’s been a year. Wow.

Cooked quinoa, a can of black beans, some diced bell pepper, some grape tomatoes, a spring onion, pecan pieces, dried cranberries, and a basic vinaigrette with apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, and salt and pepper is in the main tier. I didn’t really measure anything – except for the quinoa and water. That part’s important!

In the divided tier, I have some goat cheddar pieces, tiny pickles, and a herbal teabag. Under the teabag is a rhubarb and custard English candy that a fellow foodie friend bought for me a while back. Finding them hidden from my men in the back of my baking cupboard was a really nice surprise! I don’t like leaving space in the bento, but the quinoa salad will be very filling, so I don’t want to overdo lunch.

And here’s a quick shot of how bento-making goes for a family of three. Hubs has the same salad I have, but with ham instead of cheese, and a slice of home-made banana bread. Offspring has a pbj (quelle surprise, oui?), a fruit leather, yogurt, pear, and red pepper. I could put banana bread in there, but he comes home at lunch to eat what I’ve made him and I know he’ll help himself to a big slice of nana bread before he goes back to school for the afternoon! Here we go:


18 thoughts on “Quinoa and black bean salad, goat cheese, pickles

  1. Happy 1st Blog Birthday to you & your lovely blog! Cheers to even more success & more tasty bento recipe! 🙂 Yeah!!

    I love your bean & quinoa salad with that lovely dressing a lot! A must make!Yummm! I am also a big fan of Pukka teas: they rock, don’t they???

  2. Hi,
    i’m a german woman, so…sorry about my horrible english ^^#
    my question is about the lock&lock boxes…they all look so new…are they? because, i have the same since…ummm… i think two months and i use them one time / week and they getting …how can i say…smaler in the middle…the form is no more straight lined, the walls bow to the inside, it lose his form…
    do you use the dishwasher or is that to hot for the plastic? i mean in the instruction is to read, that dishwasher is ok to use…
    so long

    (please please sorry about my english)

  3. Love the three bento pic. I find that I often have trouble making myself a lunch bento after or at the same time that I’m making my daughters’. Any tips?

    • What do your daughters like to eat? If they like similar foods to you, then it’s a matter of giving them smaller portions with a healthy treat or two. I often use leftovers in my bentos, but with my son’s texture issues, that’s not an option for him. I usually get all the bento boxes out that I need to fill, and just work at filling them, usually while or after I make dinner. Mornings are for coffee and Facebook 🙂

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