Cupcake Friday: Canada Post edition!


Tasty vegan vanilla cupcakes with green vanilla buttercream icing. Yes, they’re from the same batch featured two weeks ago. Multitasking, dontyaknow?

A few years ago, I joked with some of my gaming friends about how I had too much leftover Halloween candy, and one of them suggested I send him some. So I did. And I included some home-made cookies – biscotti and chocolate chip. Cookies (and Halloween candy) travel really well from BC to North Dakota. Fun story.

Another of my gaming friends was brave enough to help me find out what would happen if I tried to mail cupcakes, and I agreed with the condition he send me a picture of the cupcakes when they arrived and allowed me to tell the story on a Cupcake Friday! To set this up, I decided to freeze freshly iced cupcakes in these freezer jam jars so they were fresh, fresh, fresh before sending. Cute, hey? Totes adorbs! What could go wrong? The rest of the plan involved popping them in an Xpresspost envelope (cheap, fast, should only be 48 hours between sending and receiving) right before the mail would be picked up for the day, and giving them enough time to get to Ontario by Friday, so they weren’t sitting over the weekend in addition to their perilous journey.

All went as planned: I got them in the mail on Tuesday, they were accepted (oh the joys of tracking numbers!), and Matt got them on Friday afternoon. And here they are:


Not so cute, hey? They look like a Biology experiment. But it makes for a great story. And no, I won’t be mailing any more cupcakes – not that I will be asked to based on what happened here. Cupcake On!


11 thoughts on “Cupcake Friday: Canada Post edition!

  1. I almost thought they would be worse, considering the condition of some of the things Canada POst delivers to me! The cupcake looked like it survived…just the icing suffered along the way. If you want to test out how they travel packaged separately cake from icing, I will gladly volunteer to be your guinea pig this time! LOL

    Happy long weekend!

  2. Actually, there IS a way to bake and send cupcakes! Bake a cake on a rimmed cookie sheet, so it’s thin. Cut out circles of cake with the lid of the jar. Layer cake circles with butter cream…keep layering till you hit the top (and finish with a layer of cake). This way, the recipient can just eat with a utensil, it looks pretty, and is homemade!

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