Guest post funtime?

Hey everyone,

With summer coming up in about a month and a half (not that I’m counting down to the end of the school year or anything!), I won’t be making bentos regularly, and so I won’t really be posting them.  However, I want to keep the bento fun coming!  Consequently, I wonder if there are any readers or bloggers out there who would like to do a guest post.  I can reciprocate and whip something hopefully pretty and tasty up for your blog too. I wouldn’t necessarily have to do a bento for you – I have cooking and baking skills in addition to bentoing.

Are you a veg*n blogger?  Post a recipe that could work in a bento, or just a recipe that you really love and want to share.

Are you a cupcake or other baked good aficionado?  Cupcake Friday! could easily be taken over.  It wouldn’t have to be one that you’ve made.  Have a relative that loves to bake?  Snap a pic of what they created.  Got a bakery near you that you want to show off?  Photos are a great way to do that!

Do you like bento, but don’t have a blog?  Take a photo of what you made, and a quick write up of the ingredients, or the recipe, or the process of putting together the bento.  It would be the fun of blogging without the commitment!  Readers are very supportive, and we all love feedback 🙂

Email me at to set some guest post blogging up! 🙂


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