Quinoa with chard, roasted beets, pine nuts, and goat cheese


I see two trends among the healthier blogs I read frequently right now. One is it’s race season. I am active most days of the week, but the idea of running a race fills me with the utmost dread. I realize people love to enter and run races, but it’s definitely not for me. The other trend is juice cleansing/detoxing. Don’t get me started (although if it’s something that works for you, great. I have a smoothie for breakfast about 4 days a week, and I love them!).

That being said, I was at a conference for most of the weekend and found it very difficult at times to keep my choices healthy. Perhaps going to a market full of street food for dinner wasn’t the best option, but it was certainly one of the tastiest! Breakfast was a challenge too. Two different people (not fellow delegates) stole my toast from the toaster at the breakfast buffet the two times I tried to make some, at which point I gave up and had fried diced potatoes with my now-cold eggs and fruit. On the other hand, I had steamed rice with veggies and tofu for lunch one day, and soup and sandwiches the next.

On the cleanse thing, I really believe that the excess calories and sodium will be resolved sooner rather than later if I drink lots of water, make sure I schedule exercise in, and really focus on nutrient- and fibre-rich foods again. So here we go with some quinoa cooked in water with a little low-sodium bouillon added in (far less than the package recommends), chard sautéed in a very small amount of olive oil, roasted beets:

~scrub beets well
~wrap in foil (altogether, doesn’t need to be individually)
~bake at 375′ for 45-60 minutes, depending on the size of the beets
~peel when cool using a paring knife
~appreciate newly-acquired pink hands, counter, cutting board…

1 tbsp. pine nuts toasted in a dry pan over medium-low heat (careful not to burn, those things are pricey!), and about 2 tsp. of herbed goat cheese (really only added on for flavour – you can see hubs doesn’t have it, and he’s looking forward to lunch tomorrow).

Side dish for me is sliced strawberries, and the spousal unit has some roasted tomatoes as well.

(Tagging and categorizing the post vegan, as there is a vegan bento here)


9 thoughts on “Quinoa with chard, roasted beets, pine nuts, and goat cheese

  1. I have never tried quinoa salad but all the ingredients would be available right now – it’s the chance and this will be tried out on wednesday (have fresh chard at balcony).
    As for all the running races and detoxing stuff out there – I am with you and I am also a working person. I see no need to pick up every trend.

  2. This looks yummy and healthy! I need to start watching my diet and hitting the gym again, have slacked off for 2 weeks and now feel more sluggish than before!

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