Foodiefied Arrested Development-inspired bento


The new season of Arrested Development is on Netflix. Hubs and I wanted to catch up and rewatch the first three seasons but didn’t find time, so we’re not quite there yet, but over the weekend I saw several posts on Tastespotting about food inspired by the TV series. It’s fascinating because the food was invariably awful – from hot ham water to chicken in chicken sauce – but I managed to whip up two dishes that sounded good for this bento.

The first is the cornballs aka corn and edamame fritters. No one really knows what’s in the cornball recipe to go with the machine George Sr. marketed, but these have corn kernels, edamame, egg, rice flour, and spices, and then are fried. I should have used way more oil to really crisp them up, but had to keep this somewhat healthy. They have a miso-agave-lemon juice dressing in the tiny cup.

The other AD-themed food is a banana with nuts. I removed the giggle factor (remembering I teach in public school, thank you very much. I do in fact have both a sense of humour and boundaries), kept the banana in its peel to prevent browning, and put some Nutella and crushed cashews in a food cup to dip.

The other dish is a fennel and halloumi salad. I want some dried cranberries with them, but left them in my car which hubs took to his meeting. They’ll go on tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Foodiefied Arrested Development-inspired bento

  1. great Bento! we got caught up on AD the past few months, and watched one new episode last night. I’m not sure how we missed it the first time it was on…we really like it. What a messed up family! cant’ see what sort of shenanigans they get themselves into this season.

    • It’s some of the best TV ever made, isn’t it? I caught quite a bit of it the first time round, but it never gets old, and only gets funnier each time! My son is 12, and can appreciate a good portion of the humour now, which is great.

  2. hmm…. maybe we should try more AD food…. like a severed carrot arm with a “And that’s why!!!! You always leave a note!”-note in the bento…

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