Gardein, egg, rice, veggies


I don’t like this rice, and I don’t like that my rice cooker went to the big bento box in the sky a couple of weeks ago so I had to cook it on a stove and hope it didn’t boil over. It’s sticky, and just not great. It shall be quite nice tomorrow with the seasoning and tamari fish treatment, though. I have some Gardein with UFC (hehe) sweet chili sauce, half an egg with a dab of chipotle mayo, half a roasted and peeled beet, steamed broccoli tossed with brown sugar mustard (adapted from Just Bento), and grape tomatoes to fill in the gaps.

Morning snack will be a banana, and afternoon snack will be almonds and a small square of dark chocolate.


6 thoughts on “Gardein, egg, rice, veggies

  1. I love sticky rice. It’s good for onigiri, and it tastes good even cold. I have jasmine rice for fried rice and Thai curry in my kitchen.

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