Cupcake container snack bento


I posted in a Cupcake Friday! a cupcake in a carrier, ready to go. Then the awesome Sushi Sushi Bento decided to see if a bento could be made in them… for her awesome creation, and here’s mine for a less tidy, but still tasty snack bento with goat mozzarella cubes, a grape tomato in 4 slivers, some yellow pepper, and three butterfly crackers. Unfortunately, this was cheating a bit because I couldn’t get the lid on. I had to move the crackers to a new container for travel:



4 thoughts on “Cupcake container snack bento

  1. Think I might have to try this out at some point! Dunno about a cupcake holder (since I don’t have one) but definitely a teeny one to see if i can do it! 🙂

    • Aren’t they adorable? And perfect for picking up small bites. I had to gobble this down in about 0.3 seconds between a meeting and teaching a class, so they definitely helped!

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