Monochromatic fried rice and Gardein bento


I made ‘fried’ rice with carrot, celery, cabbage, and yellow pepper. The colours were exploding in the pan, but once I packed the bento you can hardly tell! I love cashews, so used them to add some crunch to the bento. I have Gardein strips and a mango jelly on the other side of the leaf lettuce baran. Simple lunch for a very busy Friday.


8 thoughts on “Monochromatic fried rice and Gardein bento

  1. I’ve just had to look up “Gardein”. Your bento boxes are so cute (hate that phrase but can’t think of a better way of explaining it). They look really fresh and healthy but filling. I’m going to keep coming back for inspiration for packed lunches / dinners / breakfasts, as I work shifts so often eat all my meals at work. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Tales of Pigling Bland I’m really glad it led me back to yours!

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