What’s in the salad bar this week?


Now that it’s summer and I won’t need bento every day, I have the following plan for healthy lunches in my favourite noodle bowl (about 2.5 cups capacity):

-1/3ish grain (quinoa, rice of all kinds, and I found gf millet and buckwheat so will be trying those out)
-1/3ish protein (probably tofu, beans, cheese, eggs, seeds/nuts knowing me!)
-1/3ish veggies
-drizzle of healthy home-made salad dressing.

I don’t need to explain what I have in each compartment of the salad bar, but I do want to talk about how the feta is in a tiny bento food box as it grosses the hubs out!


Rainbow snack bento


I fly to Toronto tomorrow for a national conference for LGBTQ-A caregivers and allies. I am absolutely thrilled beyond words to be asked to go, and can’t wait for the awesome learning that I’ll be getting. I’m looking forward to bringing back new ideas, and I know this conference will be a stepping stone to sharing ideas and providing education and resources for the teachers and students of British Columbia’s public schools.

Now to the food. I have two flights tomorrow, and the snack choices provided (pretzels or pretzels) won’t be gluten-free (although there will be ginger ale, which I only tend to drink when I fly, so I’m excited for that, even though I just got back from Vancouver where I drank it there and back on the plane). So I took matters into my own hands and made a rainbow bento to snack on. I didn’t have a purple liner, but I used my purple bento box so the colour is represented. I have dried cranberries, crystallized ginger, rice crackers, dark chocolate with peppermint crème, and cocoa-covered peanuts.

Brown rice, broccoli, feta and halloumi salad


A weekend in Vancouver is probably the best medicine anyone could have if they’ve just been diagnosed with celiac disease. No matter where I went, I could find gluten-free options, many of them vegan. I had a hard time choosing what to have at one place! Yay! The tasty fuel I enjoyed helped power me through planning two workshops, and plan which parts of the workshop I am responsible for delivering/facilitating. I am excited for August when I get to present at a big conference (I will be presenting to a small group, not all 400ish people there – eep!).

For tomorrow’s lunch (in my new bento box – awesome birthday present!), I have fennel and halloumi salad in one tier, which I know is becoming a staple, but it is.so.good. Dressing in the piggy is some extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar. In the other tier, I have brown rice with tomato jam, and broccoli with hot spicy mustard. I’m excited for all the different flavours!

Here’s the box all ready to go:



Bean salad, rice, peppers, blueberries


This is a bento I made for my husband. He grew up in the era of caker cooking: http://cakercooking.blogspot.ca/. I am not knocking mid 20th century Canadian cuisine, as I hate to think what Brits were eating then with the arrival of the supermarket! So when he was craving bean salad, he opened up about five cans, made a dressing with copious amounts of white vinegar, canola oil, and sugar, and called his involvement in the kitchen a day. He made a giant bowl of the stuff, and it took him a few days to eat it. It was his default side dish!

I placed some of the salad over cooked rice, and placed red peppers and blueberries in silicon cups for him to graze on through his day of work.


Hi everyone,

I have been having some health issues lately – nothing serious, but impactful enough that I finally got myself in to see my wonderful family doctor. I got tested for a variety of things, and one of them happened to be celiac.  Today I found out that I tested negative for everything, which is awesome, except for the celiac thing.  I will be going for a biopsy to confirm, but in the meantime will be trying gluten-free foods to see how I get along with those.  I want to point out that in Canada, the doctor’s appointment, lab work, and endoscopy with biopsy are all covered under our universal health care.  I love being Canadian!

As I take the time to deal with what this means for how I cook and eat (a triple whammy: vegetarian, low-fat due to having no gall bladder, and now this), I have decided to take a little hiatus from blogging and be a little more private about my food.

I enjoy blogging, so I’m sure I will be back, but for now just need some time to think, plan, and experiment.  If you’ve just found my blog, there’s just over a year’s worth of vegetarian bentos, with a decent amount of gluten-free offerings to peruse.  Pour yourself a coffee or peppermint tea and enjoy.

And as I posted on my Facebook page earlier today, coffee is gluten-free.  I will be just fine!

Mozzarella and tomato sandwich with spinach, strawberries, and coconut salad


Funny how the days when I cook a lot of food are the ones that leave me scrambling to fill bento boxes.

Here we have a goat cheese mozzarella and tomato sandwich on Nordic bread from our local bakery, and possibly the most deelish salad ever. Baby spinach with sliced strawberries and coconut chips. Sweet, salty, savoury all in one. I got the idea from thugkitchen.com, although he grilled his berries before putting them into his salad. I have some syrupy balsamic vinegar to dress the salad.

You can see the snacks here – a Luna bar and some almonds and dried cranberries.