2 salads with addictive salad dressing!


Do these ingredients look familiar? They should – smoked tofu, grated beet, grated carrot… just goodies from yesterday’s kitchen awesomeness. This time I tossed them with some quinoa and cilantro to mix it up. There are only a few pieces of tofu as the quinoa is high in protein as well as being very filling. In the smaller tier, I have half a raw fennel bulb (am I ever in love with raw fennel? Yum!), some dried cranberries, and diced grilled halloumi cheese.

I plan to use the same dressing from the glory bowl recipe for both salads – it’s that good!

My snacks for tomorrow are a Clif bar and a pear. Breakfast will be overnight oats, and this time I’m experimenting with vanilla protein powder to see what happens. I’m hoping it’s good because otherwise I’ll be hungry!


3 thoughts on “2 salads with addictive salad dressing!

  1. hahahhahahaha,..You write very funny! 🙂 I love your 2 tasty lunch salads but i think, 1 would be enough for me! I also love quinoa & use it a lot laterly even red quinoa! MMMMMM! Fried or grilled halloumi is a pretty tasty snack, I agree!

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