Goat cheese and spinach on spelt egg noodles, roast tomato, raw beet and feta salad


For my entrée, I have some spelt egg noodles, cooked spinach (boiled in the pasta water for one minute, then drained with the pasta), and some goat cheese melted onto the pasta. It’s topped with black pepper! I tried a bite of this to see how it would go, and wow, tomorrow’s lunch is going to be good.

For sides, I have half a tomato roasted in a little olive oil and sprinkled with Italian seasoning then placed into a food cup so the juices are contained. I have about some raw beet, peeled, quartered, and thinly sliced, placed into the food cup, and given a little love with olive oil and apple cider vinegar before sprinkling with a tiny bit of feta. On top are three very cute and interesting-tasting pickles. They’re mild, but peppery.


3 thoughts on “Goat cheese and spinach on spelt egg noodles, roast tomato, raw beet and feta salad

    • It’s whatever’s in my fridge and/or pantry. With the noodles, I’ve been looking to alternatives to wheat, and so the spelt caught my eye. Hubs doesn’t need a bento tomorrow and he hates cheese and cooked spinach, so I combined them with the noodles because I could! I cooked the tomato while my son’s oven fries cooked (the preferred dinner of individuals with PDD-NOS these days), and cut the beet up because I had space in the bento and needed a veg to fill it.

      I love cookbooks and food blogs – I have cookbooks all over the house because I read them for pleasure. A lot of the ideas come from there.

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