Mini burgers, and rainbow chard 2 ways


I made three dishes from The Just Bento Cookbook: vegan mini burgers, swiss chard namul, and swiss chard stems with butter (well I put some evoo in as it’s been a while since I’ve had a vegan bento featured, and it’s long overdue!).

In the lower tier I have brown rice with 4 mini black bean burgers. I realized the layer was looking drab, so I put some cucumber slices in. This wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had, as cucumber without the peel is very pale too. Oh well. There’s a little bottle of Tamari sauce for the rice.

In the divided tier, I have the rainbow chard namul, a sesame-spicy dish, and rainbow chard stems with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and pink salt. I also have a dish of tomato jam for the burgers, and two mini pickles.

My snacks will be some apple chips from my May vegan cuts box (I will get around to doing a review…) and a sticky seed granola bar from the Honestly Healthy cookbook. It’s full of different seeds with some oats and a syrup made from dates combined with ‘butter’ made from cashews and almonds. This will definitely keep my energy levels up! It’s a bit big though… I may be having half and rewrapping the rest for another time.


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