Rice and treasures from the fridge


I tried to make risotto in the rice cooker. Threw in some Arborio, some veggie stock, water, and left the cooker to do its thing. It might have gone better had I added some butter prior to cooking (next time) and some cheese after (didn’t have anything but goat cheese and feta, neither of which would work), but it still tastes relatively good! Once I realized I didn’t have a risotto, I got a bit discouraged, and so just placed tasty things around the rice to pretend I knew what I was doing: carrots, yellow pepper, broccoli, goat cheese with fig, and grapes.

I’ve also included snacks for the day in the photo. I snack and I’m not afraid to do so! I have some almonds and dried cranberries, a fruit snack, and a sesame snack. Snack on!


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