Hi everyone,

I have been having some health issues lately – nothing serious, but impactful enough that I finally got myself in to see my wonderful family doctor. I got tested for a variety of things, and one of them happened to be celiac.  Today I found out that I tested negative for everything, which is awesome, except for the celiac thing.  I will be going for a biopsy to confirm, but in the meantime will be trying gluten-free foods to see how I get along with those.  I want to point out that in Canada, the doctor’s appointment, lab work, and endoscopy with biopsy are all covered under our universal health care.  I love being Canadian!

As I take the time to deal with what this means for how I cook and eat (a triple whammy: vegetarian, low-fat due to having no gall bladder, and now this), I have decided to take a little hiatus from blogging and be a little more private about my food.

I enjoy blogging, so I’m sure I will be back, but for now just need some time to think, plan, and experiment.  If you’ve just found my blog, there’s just over a year’s worth of vegetarian bentos, with a decent amount of gluten-free offerings to peruse.  Pour yourself a coffee or peppermint tea and enjoy.

And as I posted on my Facebook page earlier today, coffee is gluten-free.  I will be just fine!


11 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. I will miss your posts as well. However, it will allow me to finally catch up on all your past posts 🙂 Take care, and I look forward to seeing you back here again soon.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the results. I know adjusting can be difficult and trying to see what foods really agree with you. My mom has Celiac Disease.

    I work with clients who have Celiac to help them through the transition to a diet that better supports their dietary needs as well as adding in the important stuff they do need- also, detoxing and rebuilding your flora! Please reach out to me, you are not alone!

  3. Sorry to hear that, hopefully you’ll find a way to get to grips with this new diet situation, and you’re so creative, so who knows perhaps you’ll be a whiz at gluten free cooking! Anyway, hope you feel more yourself soon, and you’ll be missed.

  4. Thank you, everyone! I went gluten-free on Tuesday afternoon last week, and finally on Friday, I started to feel a bit better. Sunday today, and apart from really, really, really wanting a piece of toast with every fibre of my being, I’m feeling almost back to normal.

  5. I am similar to you in that I am vegetarian and I have a gluten allergy (luckily not full celiacs, but I live my life as if I were). There are some really awesome blogs that can help you out I think, try http://glutenfreegirl.com/ http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/ and http://www.beardandbonnet.com/ They are all gluten free blogs and write so wonderfully about food you won’t feel either alone or deprived. Also, triumph dining does a best of gluten free every year, here are this first batch of results: http://www.triumphdining.com/blog/2013/04/10/11331/

    I hope that some of this helps you!

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