Brown rice, broccoli, feta and halloumi salad


A weekend in Vancouver is probably the best medicine anyone could have if they’ve just been diagnosed with celiac disease. No matter where I went, I could find gluten-free options, many of them vegan. I had a hard time choosing what to have at one place! Yay! The tasty fuel I enjoyed helped power me through planning two workshops, and plan which parts of the workshop I am responsible for delivering/facilitating. I am excited for August when I get to present at a big conference (I will be presenting to a small group, not all 400ish people there – eep!).

For tomorrow’s lunch (in my new bento box – awesome birthday present!), I have fennel and halloumi salad in one tier, which I know is becoming a staple, but it Dressing in the piggy is some extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar. In the other tier, I have brown rice with tomato jam, and broccoli with hot spicy mustard. I’m excited for all the different flavours!

Here’s the box all ready to go:




5 thoughts on “Brown rice, broccoli, feta and halloumi salad

  1. Love this bento box! It’s so pretty with all the flowers! I need to try halloumi. I’ve heard really good things 🙂

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