Rainbow snack bento


I fly to Toronto tomorrow for a national conference for LGBTQ-A caregivers and allies. I am absolutely thrilled beyond words to be asked to go, and can’t wait for the awesome learning that I’ll be getting. I’m looking forward to bringing back new ideas, and I know this conference will be a stepping stone to sharing ideas and providing education and resources for the teachers and students of British Columbia’s public schools.

Now to the food. I have two flights tomorrow, and the snack choices provided (pretzels or pretzels) won’t be gluten-free (although there will be ginger ale, which I only tend to drink when I fly, so I’m excited for that, even though I just got back from Vancouver where I drank it there and back on the plane). So I took matters into my own hands and made a rainbow bento to snack on. I didn’t have a purple liner, but I used my purple bento box so the colour is represented. I have dried cranberries, crystallized ginger, rice crackers, dark chocolate with peppermint crème, and cocoa-covered peanuts.


11 thoughts on “Rainbow snack bento

  1. Thank you Torontonians for the warm welcome to your city. I only got to see a little of it, but what I saw I loved. Just more great reasons why being Canadian is awesome! Even the cab driver who got me ‘home’ today is awesome. He’s bringing me coffee for the cab ride out to the airport tomorrow – so utterly lovely! Yay Toronto! (Although it will be nice to be back with the hubs and son tomorrow…)

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