Black bean mini burgers, veggies, salad


I have leftover mini black bean burgers and baked yam fries, with sliced avocado and tomato. Then I assembled a salad with spinach and strawberries. I dressed the salad with balsamic vinegar. Deelish, and uses lots of things in the fridge – win win!


Cupcake Friday!


Chocolate cupcakes with coffee buttercream icing, and playing with a new tip. I’m not sure I like this one, as it’s pretty inconsistent between cupcakes. Still, it’s all good fun! These were for the staff at our local college, who really helped us out with our son and a summer camp. They deserved some cupcake karma. Cupcake on!

Hummus, veggies, apple


It’s hot. I’m sure that it’s not as hot as elsewhere in the northern hemisphere, and I know that adding humidity would make it a lot more unbearable, but still. It’s hot.

I have a no-cook bento here. I made some hummus, in a kind of throw it all in the food processor and let it do its thing:

~1 can chickpeas
~2 tbsp. each tahini, olive oil, and lemon juice
~salt, pepper, garlic, and cumin to taste

Whizz everything in a food processor, adding water so that the hummus is the consistency you want it to be. I made it thicker so I can eat it with a fork. Thinner is nice for wraps and dipping.

I then have veggies, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar in the pig cup, and sliced apple for dessert.

Quinoa salad bento


    How to make a quinoa salad to use up whatever’s in the fridge

Cook quinoa according to package directions, or if you have a rice cooker (great for not heating up the kitchen when it’s hot out!), do this:

~rinse one cup/250 mL quinoa in running water to remove the bitter coating
~place the quinoa in your rice cooker, and add two cups/500mL of water to the rice cooker. Feel free to throw some salt in there, or some lower sodium veg bouillon.
~put the lid down and flip the switch to cook.

Meanwhile, chop whatever vegetables and/or fruit you have on hand. I used celery, red onion (only a little), bell pepper, cilantro, and baby cucumber.

Put the quinoa into your bento box – I have one cup, cooked – and add your cut veggies (I had probably one cup total). Mix in 1/2 cup beans/lentils, and there you go! Use your favourite salad dressing on it, either home-made or from a bottle. We’re going for beating the heat here.

With the salad, I have one cup of frozen mango cubes. They’ll be defrosted by tomorrow morning, and they’d act as a nice ice pack if this bento needed to travel.

I’ll be snacking on cherries from my neighbour’s garden tomorrow! She has too many, so brought some for us before the crows got at them.

Cupcake Friday!


Princess cupcakes (princess baking essence has some vanilla, lemon, raspberry, and almond flavours to it… it’s super retro tasting and very good – don’t worry it’s vegan as it’s not made with real princesses as far as I know!) with princess buttercream and “Black and Blue” decorations for fight night.

Fried rice with smoked tofu


Smoked tofu has to be my favourite kind of tofu. It’s unlike any other form of delicious soybean goodness. Here’s some ‘fried’ rice (how-to again as it’s been a while):

-sautée some vegetables in a little olive or canola oil until crisp-tender – here I used onion and celery – use what you like and what’s in the fridge. I have about 1/2 cup raw total (it cooks down in volume) for one person.
-season with what you like. Ideas include a dash of toasted sesame oil/ketchup/sriracha/soy or tamari sauce/sambal oelek/minced garlic. I used some sambal oelek and tamari today.
-add in the cooked, cooled rice (about 1/2 cup for one person) and toss around to coat it. Hot fresh rice won’t work as well as cooled. This rice is leftover from last night’s dinner.

This method gives you tasty fried rice flavour without all the grease.

With the fried rice I have some sliced smoked tofu, spinach baran, tomato with some spring onion slices and balsamic vinegar (the really-pricey-but-worth-it syrupy kind), and carrots steamed then tossed with foodie-approved tomato jam for taste, and covered with sesame seeds for visual appeal. They’ll be almost like dessert, so sweet!