Fried rice with smoked tofu


Smoked tofu has to be my favourite kind of tofu. It’s unlike any other form of delicious soybean goodness. Here’s some ‘fried’ rice (how-to again as it’s been a while):

-sautée some vegetables in a little olive or canola oil until crisp-tender – here I used onion and celery – use what you like and what’s in the fridge. I have about 1/2 cup raw total (it cooks down in volume) for one person.
-season with what you like. Ideas include a dash of toasted sesame oil/ketchup/sriracha/soy or tamari sauce/sambal oelek/minced garlic. I used some sambal oelek and tamari today.
-add in the cooked, cooled rice (about 1/2 cup for one person) and toss around to coat it. Hot fresh rice won’t work as well as cooled. This rice is leftover from last night’s dinner.

This method gives you tasty fried rice flavour without all the grease.

With the fried rice I have some sliced smoked tofu, spinach baran, tomato with some spring onion slices and balsamic vinegar (the really-pricey-but-worth-it syrupy kind), and carrots steamed then tossed with foodie-approved tomato jam for taste, and covered with sesame seeds for visual appeal. They’ll be almost like dessert, so sweet!


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