Quinoa salad bento


    How to make a quinoa salad to use up whatever’s in the fridge

Cook quinoa according to package directions, or if you have a rice cooker (great for not heating up the kitchen when it’s hot out!), do this:

~rinse one cup/250 mL quinoa in running water to remove the bitter coating
~place the quinoa in your rice cooker, and add two cups/500mL of water to the rice cooker. Feel free to throw some salt in there, or some lower sodium veg bouillon.
~put the lid down and flip the switch to cook.

Meanwhile, chop whatever vegetables and/or fruit you have on hand. I used celery, red onion (only a little), bell pepper, cilantro, and baby cucumber.

Put the quinoa into your bento box – I have one cup, cooked – and add your cut veggies (I had probably one cup total). Mix in 1/2 cup beans/lentils, and there you go! Use your favourite salad dressing on it, either home-made or from a bottle. We’re going for beating the heat here.

With the salad, I have one cup of frozen mango cubes. They’ll be defrosted by tomorrow morning, and they’d act as a nice ice pack if this bento needed to travel.

I’ll be snacking on cherries from my neighbour’s garden tomorrow! She has too many, so brought some for us before the crows got at them.

11 thoughts on “Quinoa salad bento

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    • You’re welcome. You can also rinse (I just use a fine mesh strainer) the quinoa and cook on the stove with a 1:2 ratio quinoa:water and a little salt. The rice cooker doesn’t boil over, though, so I love it!

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