Egg and big green salad bento


I feel like I’m all caught up on summer bento blogging now, although I can’t believe I missed a Cupcake Friday! last week. Having ‘summer brain’ is good, because it means I’m getting the rest that I need in. I’m going to do a piece on bentoing while I’m the road next week with my son, but for now we’re only bentoing when out and about for parts of the day. I love being able to keep lunches fairly healthy because of all the temptations out there, as well as saving money due to living in a touristy town with plenty of places to eat (don’t worry, I’ve hung out at the local Greek, Israeli, Vietnamese and pizza food joints – I support local business in a very tasty way).

I have a big green salad on one side of the bento, a whole hard-boiled egg, two egg whites, and some pickled baby onions. Because I made and ate this bento within the space of a couple of hours, I dressed the salad with balsamic vinegar before leaving the house, or I would have used a food cup.

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