Mild curry and sweet potato dinner bento


A surprise please-come-work-a-shift today phone call greeted me on my way from a very harrowing (pssh!) morning of yoga and acupuncture – it’s a hard life! So here’s a bento I made so that I can have a healthy dinner during a break from my friend’s husband’s grocery and liquor store that he manages. We’re heading into a long weekend up here in the Great White North, so it’ll be very busy and he needs help. And I could use some extra guilt-free shopping funds for my vacay next week. Win-win, people!

On the one side, there’s a bunch of veggies sautéed in coconut oil, then simmered in coconut milk with some curry powder, lemongrass, and sambal oelek. I was going to put green curry paste in, but it had expired and wasn’t looking happy. Eclectic mix, which I hope will be okay when I come to eat it. I tossed some mixed beans into the curry for protein and fibre. On the other side, I have some sweet potatoes roasted with cumin and sea salt in coconut oil.


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