Black bean burgers, halloum, avocado and salad


I am struggling with finding (preferably) vegan, gluten free black bean burgers that stay together when you try to cook them. It’s tricky. If anyone has success, please let me know! These have some egg and gluten free sprouted grain bread to bind, but they still fell apart.

Still, I managed to make some mini burgers, grilled halloum cheese, messily sliced avocado (I don’t know how sushi restaurants in particular make sliced avocado look so pretty), and a spinach-raspberry salad. Two hot peppers complete the lunch for a treat.


12 thoughts on “Black bean burgers, halloum, avocado and salad

  1. I don’t know how often you eat the quinoa burgers you provided the recipe for during the guest post exchange but I LOVED those. Even my carnivore boyfriend loved them. And they are vegan 🙂

  2. I normally use quinoa or brown rice to bind. Find it best to make a batch, freeze and then cook from frozen. And also wrap in cling film and compress well before freezing. They still crumble a bit though. Good luck!

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