(Brown rice) pasta, tomato sauce, goat cheese, salad


I love this bento box, but it’s very tricky to photograph. I did the best I could; one would think with all the bento blog reading I do that I’d figure out a way… On the other hand, I’m happy to be back to bentoing. Being home most days during the summer means I make lunch and dinner at separate times, and it’s a lot more cleaning up!

Brown rice pasta with a home-made tomato sauce are mixed together so none of the pasta dries out, and I don’t make a mess at my working lunch meeting tomorrow. I topped it with goat cheese crumbles and fresh basil from the farmers’ market. In the smaller tier, I have some green leaf lettuce and apple pieces. I’m really into fruit on salad these days. I plan on topping the salad with balsamic vinegar.

My son ate almost every piece of fruit in the house today, so I will pick more up tomorrow and have some for my snacks.


7 thoughts on “(Brown rice) pasta, tomato sauce, goat cheese, salad

    • It’s just pasta but made with rice instead of wheat. It’s one of the few things that makes celiac disease bearable, because I can enjoy favourites! I love strawberries and balsamic too – so tasty, even topping ice cream with them is delicious.

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