Curried chickpeas, salad, pear


I’m really in a happy little self-imposed rut with larger, 2-tiered bento boxes lately. Funny how I go in phases with them! It’s why there can’t really be enough of them in the cupboard, right?

I made some curried chickpeas with onion, celery, raisins, tomato sauce, and tamarind paste for my entrée, and a green salad using assorted veggies on a bed of leaf lettuce. Balsamic vinegar is in the bunny cup – I love cute bento accessories! I will have a pear for ‘dessert’, and snacks will be raw almonds. Deelish!

(Do I start apologizing for flash-lit bentos? It’s getting dark around 8 pm around these parts, so unless I hurry to catch natural light, I’m done!)


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