Rice, roasted veggies, curried chickpeas


Not sure if this qualifies as a bento. I feel it’s more just food put into the box. I’ve been having a very good but busy startup to the school year, and I don’t have a lot of energy or creativity left over to give to food. I have made lunches, they’ve just felt a bit pathetic and not worthy of being uploaded. The other day I had a pbj on gluten free French bread, cucumber slices, and a pear. In a bento, but not cute. Today I had avocado on gf sprouted grain bread with some edamame. Again, not cute. Today’s bento isn’t cute, but I feel I’m letting vegan mofo down, so here we go.

Under everything is a layer of brown rice, then a layer of roasted green beans and red peppers, then some leftover curried chickpeas on top. To give it some colour, I hacked away at a spring/green onion. Will taste good, just doesn’t look cute!


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