No-green-food-in-my-house bento


I’m a bit giddy with anticipation right now. Next week, I get to go to Vancouver for a Social Justice committee working session. I get to do more Ally work, and connect with some wonderful friends. Just to add to the awesome, my husband will also be there for a conference. The dates overlap and while we’ll both be too busy to spend much time together, we’ll at least see each other for a few minutes each morning and evening. I’m hoping for one date night dinner out, but that might be a little too lofty a goal.

Being that we’ll all be out of the house for at least part of next week, I’m determined to eat the food we have in the fridge before we leave. I took some leftover brown rice, cooked lentils, and tomato sauce (all in the fridge), and combined them into a saucy, tasty dish. I put some carrot stars over to decorate and pretend that I really do know how to make bento lunches. I managed to get three apples off my tree before the wasps decided “all your apple are belong to us” and started buzzing menacingly around me forcing me to retreat inside (it’s a really bad year for them, or would that be a great year?). Having an apple to eat with lunch is therefore quite a victory! I sliced up a lemon to put in my water bottle that I forgot at work. I love flavouring water with lemon slices, and it’s so alkalizing and cleansing.

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